How you let things burn and still enjoy them and keep your sanity intact

No, actually, this is not a “how to” write up, nor any of those step by step guide to prep you up for what is/are about to come.

You first let things light up a bit until ready

So what about we do one right now?

Also this post is senseless, to start with. Please refrain if senselessness offends you. I am so done dealing with people burning me on stakes.

1.Things always start cool. They always do. Things get off quite nice, even to a point where you really would like to dive in and, as enticing as it is, even make you sign up for a life-time membership. You know what that means, right?

2. It goes lukewarm— quite gradually. We can go all scientific about this and start discussing how hot air balloons float. We need to get rid of the cool air to start floating.

Page break. I think you need some sunny shot of them floating.

3. So after you get rid of the cools, now it is time to feel the warmth. Warmth during cold seasons are pretty nice. But that is pretty much insignificant when you start to feel the burning sensation. You might as well see where things go but then you cherish the warmth. I need not go much into details about this because it gets pretty sketchy once there. Nobody even expect a lot until it gets warm — take for example the frog in a pot analogy. I am trying to take you off the thought of what I mentioned previously.

4. Feel it burn. I grew tired of the constant need for coldness. TBH. In fact living in a tropical country is such a mess that you often wish colder season lasts longer than hot season — as if you really experience the coldness because it never really happens until the Siberian-cools start to melt and blow cold air to your direction. You have no choice. You are meant to stay most of the time bumming about because either you hate to get wet of the rain or of your own sweat.

Also a lot of things happen when it starts burning. Say for example a climactic experience, or just plain shitty humid weather. Try Indochina when it is summer there and just a stroll on their streets can end you up with thong marks. You wanted it anyway.

It takes time to realise you are right there

5. To like the it hot or not. Yes! There! We all grew up liking spicy things but there are those who really are so not into them and they really just, in plain language, hate the hell out of it. Those people are pretty sensitive to start with. They sense what is/are about to come. Lucky them, they know what to do. There are those that are stupid enough to stick much longer.

You know what comes next? You are stupid enough to eat a chili with your mates and you are so noisy in that restaurant and will laugh so much about that stupid idea you just did. Times like these require sanity check, but were we not talking about keeping your sanity intact? So yeah, keep up the good work!

6. BURN! You sticking up to this post means you are waiting to burn. IDK. To burst out into flames, or to just burn in plain sight. Whatever works. I have no means of keeping you cool when you start burning. Remember that water does not always end the fire, sometimes it excites the flames and make things worst. You can never stop it until it turns into ashes.

At some point, you get a good terra cotta artwork out of burning things. Sometimes a lifeless coal. Sometimes ashes out of something. Sometimes bridges you thought were made of steel.

But you got to learn how to get things burned up and take it from there. Take whatever you can still use or just abandon everything — it entirely depends on how you wish to continue or ash yourself down into oblivion.


I wish to go for the seventh because they say the seventh is one heck of a lucky thing to count but for some reason I am way beyond late for another burning sesh and as much as I want it to rain outside, it is sunny and bright.

I have no idea what I am getting into but to wish myself all the luck is an understatement considering the chances I draw myself into.




worlds and words go wobbly flaneur/traceur: a work in progress :

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