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But I think sleep is what we need right now. Especially for those who barely reach five hours. There has to be some kind of rest even for those who are wicked.

This album comes to a point where everyone in the band looks like eager fanboys, where The Clash, Oasis, The Strokes, The Libertines, etc., sound like the norm (should I include Nirvana?). And they did. They were pretty much like every London kids enjoying their time around pre-social media boom. But yo, MySpace was quite a hit back then (mid-noughties) and everybody’s so proud of their connections and all.

So why this song? Or this album…

Check the details about the album here.

It is interesting to know that the band started with resemblances like those of The Libertines, or The Strokes… This song, or the entire album, clearly defines what the band would like to sound like when they do their LP. You Make Noise, I Make Sandwiches onset have this concept of giving you a good picnic but things went wrong and you are in this limbo. The entire song Sleep has this mix of spoken words and ‘grungy’ (for the lack of better word to put) texture that when they started discussing ‘sleep’ in A Wall Of Arms they tend to have this gradual disappearance of texture, well, sort of. This isn’t food, but I hope you know what I try to refer to.

It’s such a shame that the first link from last.fm I gave you have no audio available for most songs. I can’t find any Spotify playlist with this song included, or pretty much most of You Make Noise, I Make Sandwiches. If there was an impressive early record they’ve made that must be it. Trying to move apart from their contemporaries while pretty much doing the same thing as everyone expects them to be.

Sleep is a four minutes and fifty seconds track starting subtly with jazzy drumbeats then giving us this gradual noise to grungy guitar-works then everything goes altogether to an eventual vocal climax, putting the instruments to a halt; then continues with a ticking sound… you hear spoken poetry (guess who)… discussing sleep and George… then enter vocals, repeatedly saying wake up, go to sleep like that of an alarm clock waking you up from a deep sleep.

That’ll be quite a good act if they do it live. Sadly, they never did much of their early materials aside from those that came out after this.

So instead of giving you a comparison, let us just listen to the Sleep Tonight from their Wall Of Arms album.

The entire change came for good anyway. Not that the previous sound they make do sound promising (which in their own way is very much a good start) but their recent aesthetics aren’t also bad. As what I previously mentioned, you get to see a band grow into something and it is way exciting than most can assume.

I apologise for this incomplete (or what you may want to consider incompetent) post. I will try to find ways if I can share something from You Make Noise, I Make Sandwiches album. Until then, we just need to go into the darker side of the internet to find such somewhere. I am sure these materials are still available.

Just eat your sandwich.

And get some sleep.

Let me know your thoughts. Good night!

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