And if you have the chance to grab them live, do so.

You may not know what comes next but this phase is exciting as any time there is for the band — for sure 14 years leading up to this won’t be such a long wait.

So why not, even if you see those sold out marks, before they prove you wrong, prove it, go out there and show them your support when you can! Show them the marks! Let the boys cry! I do not care if you do too. Doesn’t matter. Music is meant to be felt. Enjoy it while you can!

And while this will be my last post about the band, I will never be that hesitant to do another follow up when necessary. I just hope the constant bothersome internet connection and wherever things may lead me the next few years, hopefully, we get something like an update from the band. Not just the Whites.Everyone.


Long live, stil!


PS: Thank you so much to @hndrk for giving me some time here and my apologies for some delays this week. You may roast me whenever you like.

Cheers everyone!

Originally published here on OWOB.



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